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University of Texas School of Dentistry offers free dental services to hundreds at the Good Samaritan Inn

Posted on Aug 10 2017

For the third time in less than three months, clients of the Good Samaritan Inn (GSI) have benefitted from free dental services from a visiting team of  medical missionaries from the United States of America.  

Dr. Victoria Manon,   from the University of Texas School of Dentistry, lead a medical mission team of   forty five to the Good Samaritan Inn where over  two days, two hundred and thirty seven clients received dental services  which amounted to an  estimated value of $1.2M dollars.

The team was invited to Jamaica and the Good Samaritan Inn by Dr. Lincoln Edwards, President, Northern Caribbean University who was a former faculty member of the Dental School at the University of Texas

The visiting Texas University dentists treated eighty seven (87) clients on Sunday August 6, 2017 and one hundred and fifty clients (150) on Tuesday August 8, 2017. The medical team offered oral examinations, cleanings, fillings and extractions free of cost to their clients.  The team had raised their own fund to support the mission and brought their own supplies to treat clients who turned up at the Inn over the two days. Many clients benefitted from more than one service with some receiving as many as three.

Dr. Victoria Manon, who is from a medical family also had her father Dr. Victor Manon who is an Oral Surgeon   and  instructor for the group. Her husband Shane is also a dental student and a team member in the mission trip.  She was more than delighted to bring the team to the Good Samaritan Inn to give back to some of the people who need it most.

“We are all here because we want to take the principles we have learnt at our school and apply that to the communities that are here to make this a better place.  We want to give everyone a happier smile,” said Dr. Manon who was more than pleased with the facilities of the Good Samaritan Inn and the hospitality of the team that facilitated them over the two days.

Andre Henry, who did two extractions on Sunday could hardly speak when we caught up with him but he was grateful for the assistance of the Good Samaritan Inn and the mission team.

“It’s been a while that I had these teeth to be taken out because I have been elsewhere and they refused to help me because the teeth were broken,” Andre said. “They did a wonderful job. The fact that this was done for free was also a blessing because this would have cost a lot of money if I had gone elsewhere,” Henry said.

Manager of the Good Samaritan Inn, Vermont Murray was happy for the invitation of the visiting team by Dr. Lincoln Edwards of Northern Caribbean University, who himself is a Dental Surgeon.

President of East Jamaica Conference, Dr. Eri Nathan thanked Dr. Victoria Manon and her team on behalf of the Conference and extended the invitation for them to return next year to continue their great work to the less fortunate.

The GSI which is operated by the Good Samaritan Inn Foundation, currently feeds more than six hundred homeless and other needy people each week.  The Inn also provides bathroom and laundry facilities for many of the city’s street people who often have difficulty finding a place where they can take a shower or change their clothes.


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